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Discovery District at AT&T Plaza

I directed 4 of the 12 videos and had the honor of flying in Sadeck Waff to choreograph the dance show featured prominently in the video above. I spent a month in Dallas with the client integrating over 17 hours of content created by me and my co-directors.

Keren at Cool Japan Park, Osaka, Japan

I worked as the director in charge of over 45 minutes of content as the active environment for a stage show. I lead an amazing team from concept to production, and eventually integrating for a month in Osaka.

Wonderbox at Paradise City Korea

I worked the co-director, and was in charge of 3 capsules: An art inspired 2D animation, a fully 3d flying carnival with a roller coaster, and a mysterious forest with glowing animals.

Fremont St Experience: Steve Aoki

I directed a 6 minute video on the largest LED screen in the world. It spans over 1375ft long and holds over 16.4 million pixels. I collaborated with Gimmick Studio to execute the motion design on a very slim timeline.

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