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Role: Multimedia Director

My first project at Float4 was to take this loose theme of Little Red in a forest and build a 4 minute narrative out of it. I decided to go with 3d rendering, rather than a shoot, as that would offer us a lot more flexibility in terms of optical illusion and lighting changes over time.

The brand of the Cosmopolitan hotel is quirky and original. I knew I had to create a piece that represented the element of surprise and juxtaposition. I chose animals that wouldn't usually be found in a European forest and the team animated, rendered, and composited them into our 3d forest. Little red herself, played by Elle Roy, was shot on greenscreen and composited into the scene. The hardest part was the choreography between the animals and actor, so they never occupy the same space at the same time. This required a well organized animatic and many iterations on the edit to nail the timing.
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